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What Cause Teeth to Chip?

Cracking or even chipping a tooth is a common occurrence, but it can still be an unnerving experience when it happens to you. It may be caused by something as simple as biting down on hard foods (like candy canes!) or something as traumatic as a hit to the mouth. At Maitland Ave Smile Co., our dentists have several solutions for chipped teeth, including dental bonding, dental crowns, and porcelain veneers, all of which can be customized to your smile. 

In today’s blog post, let’s consider what causes teeth to chip as well as how to treat current problems and prevent future damage.

As you may know, dental enamel, which makes up the visible part of your teeth, including the crown, is one of the hardest substances that the body produces. Still, it can be broken! Some possible reasons that your teeth may chip or crack include:

  • cavities
  • misaligned or imbalanced bite
  • poor dental care
  • piercings in the tongue or cheeks
  • chewing on hard objects such as ice or a pen
  • excessive teeth grinding
  • trauma 
  • using your teeth to open packages or complete other non-eating related tasks

Unless the chip or crack is large, many patients do not show any signs that something is wrong with their teeth. However, you may notice increased sensitivity to hot and cold as well as pain while chewing. Other people experience random tooth pain. 

The sooner you treat a chipped tooth, the better it is for your oral health.

Without proper treatment, a chipped or cracked tooth can lead to serious consequences. Any damage to the enamel leaves you vulnerable to tooth decay and bacterial infections, which can cause tooth loss if left untreated. Your treatment plan depends on the extent of damage as well as the location of the tooth or teeth. Options include:

  • Dental bonding: Your dentist will apply a tooth-colored composite to the impacted area and smooth out the resin to improve the strength and look of the tooth.
  • Dental crowns: A crown covers the entire area of the tooth for increased durability.
  • Porcelain veneers: A veneer is a thin shell of ceramic placed over the front surface of the tooth to hide cracks, chips, and other issues. The shade will blend seamlessly with your other teeth to ensure cosmetically-pleasing results. 

You can discuss your concerns with the team at Maitland Ave Smile Co. and determine the best course of action. 

Damage to your teeth isn’t always preventable, but a few small changes can make a big difference!

To start, avoid chewing on hard objects, like popcorn kernels, bottle caps, and other items mentioned above. When playing aggressive sports, be sure to wear a mouthguard. If you clench or grind your teeth at night, talk to us about a custom bite guard to protect your teeth during sleep. Finally, twice-yearly dental check-ups at Maitland Ave Smile Co. can ensure no undetected cracks or chips go untreated.


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