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I Have a Dental Emergency! What Do I Do?

Accidents happen! Whether you find yourself with a chipped tooth after a sports game or a missing tooth from a fall, a dental emergency can happen to anyone, anywhere.

The first step after having a dental emergency is to contact us at (407) 834-0330. Our team is committed to doing our very best to accommodate emergencies, and we will get you in as soon as possible. Our skilled dentists are trained in emergency dentistry. They will assess the damage thoroughly before creating a course of action. 

I Called Maitland Ave Smile Co. – What Now?

Below, let’s take a closer look at how you can be proactive after a dental emergency, before you come in for your appointment. Here’s what to do if…

  • Your tooth falls out: Don’t panic! This issue happens more commonly than you think. Your next steps can really dictate your outcome. First, try to locate the tooth and put it in saliva or a glass of milk to protect the root of the tooth. This storage method will also keep harmful bacteria away. Make sure to not pick the tooth up by the root to avoid further damage. Following these steps can preserve the tooth and allow it to be put back into the socket. 
  • You have a loose tooth after trauma: It’s important to keep that tooth in the socket to avoid a more complicated fix. An easy way to keep that tooth from falling out is to gently bite down on the tooth to keep it in place. Come in as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems! 
  • Your tooth is chipped: A chipped tooth can lead to some big problems if left untreated. If possible, make sure to preserve all pieces of the tooth. Then, schedule an appointment to assess what’s best for you and your situation. We often recommend tooth bonding or porcelain veneers to get your smile back to where you want it to be. 
  • Your tooth has a crack: A cracked tooth leaves room for bacteria to wiggle its way into your tooth and cause damage and decay. Leaving a tooth with a crack in it can result in tooth deterioration or tooth loss if left untreated. Make an appointment as soon as possible!

How to Avoid a Dental Emergency

Although many dental emergencies are unforeseeable, there are a few steps you can take to prevent these accidents. First, avoid foods that cause high impact on teeth, like hard candy, tough meats, and ice. Second, use a mouthguard if you partake in rough sports. Finally, schedule an appointment to address any aches and pains that you feel in your mouth. 


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