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Tooth Cavity Altamonte Springs, FL

Tooth decay affects patients of all ages and can be prevented with good oral hygiene and routine dentist visits.

In recent years the consumption of sugar in American diets has skyrocketed. The increase in refined sugars has resulted in a steady incline of associated health risks. Tooth decay is on the rise and sugar, poor oral hygiene, and a lack of proactive routine dental exams may be at fault. Patients who are more prone to tooth decay are also more likely to develop gum disease, experience tooth loss, and other more complex dental issues.

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria entering the inner layers of the tooth. Bacteria feed on plaque and tartar and leave behind an acidic by-product. This byproduct weakens and eventually cracks the tooth enamel allowing bacteria to enter the tooth. Decay is progressive and is best treated if caught early. Routine dental health exams can allow your dentist to spot the signs of developing decay early.

Minor to moderate tooth decay can be treated with a routine dental filling. More advanced decay or decay that has compromised the integrity of the structure of the tooth an inlay or onlay, or dental crown may be necessary. We also offer root canal and tooth extraction procedures for damaged or decayed teeth.

Cavity Prevention: Improving Oral Hygiene

Routine dental health exams are necessary to help reduce the risk of cavities. Biannual dental cleanings help break up and remove plaque and tartar buildup and promote overall healthier smiles.

Improving your oral hygiene techniques can help prevent tooth decay. Your dentist can provide you with a personalized recommendation based on your needs at your next routine exam. Your dentist can help you choose products that will benefit your teeth and gums and give you some tips on how to reach those hard to get spots. Watch these informative videos on the recommend way to brush and floss your teeth.

Brushing Better

Flossing Right