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What To Know About Professional Teeth Whitening

Everyone has there own vices, whether it be wine, coffee, tea or any other dark liquid that could stain your teeth. Another vice that many people have, and we hope that you do not, is the use of tobacco products. All of these factors will stain your teeth shades of yellow that you or people around you may not like to see.


Of course, you can pick up some over-the-counter teeth whitening products at your local grocery store or pharmacy. However, they can do more damage than help when it comes to whitening your teeth. Each patient is different, so it is challenging to find an over-the-counter product that is going to work for you. For example, your case of teeth whitening may not be severe that you need the strength of teeth whitening that comes with the over-the-counter product that you buy.

Also, it is very difficult to apply the store-bought whitening product evenly across your teeth cause blotchiness on your teeth. If not used correctly, teeth whitening can damage your gums if it is accidentally applied to your gums. Visiting our office for a professional teeth whitening procedure will put an end to all these risks, and will not break the bank or take too much of your time.

What are the Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening?

  • Safer, More Comfortable Treatment
    • Over-the-counter teeth whitening remedies can cause damage to the gum tissue in your mouth. This can hurt and make your teeth or gums sensitive to certain foods and drinks.
  • Quick and Effective
    • Professional teeth whitening can be performed in a quick visit to our Altamonte Springs dentist office. You can achieve predictable, noticeable results every time you receive professional tooth whitening.
  • Confidence Boost
    • A Whiter, healthier smile can boost your confidence in several different social interactions such as dating, work meetings, and just general encounters with new people that you may encounter daily.
  • Improve First Impressions
    • With professional teeth whitening, you’ll achieve a whiter, brighter smile. People are instantly drawn to you, as a winning smile attracts people and makes a striking first impression.

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