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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of a Root Canal

A root canal will be a necessary part of your life if you have a severe cavity. This process saves a severely decayed, damaged, or infected tooth. All of your teeth have nerves and pulp inside them; a cavity will expose the nerve and pulp, ultimately causing them to become infected over time. A root canal removes the nerve and pulp inside of your tooth. If you avoid getting a root canal, the infection inside your tooth will continue to grow, resulting in tooth loss and abscesses. A dentist must remove the infected tooth pulp, as your body cannot repair it on its own.

If you are afraid of the root canal process, just wait until you learn what an abscess actually is! An abscess is a pocket of infection or pus that will grow on the root ends of your tooth. An abscess is extremely uncomfortable and painful. It will make it difficult for you to eat and will negatively affect your quality of life.

Is a Root Canal Painful?

It is a myth that this procedure is painful, as the pain you will feel with having infected pulp is much more severe. Thanks to our experience in this type of dental work, we will make sure that you are comfortable throughout the process. The pain relief you feel afterwards heavily outweighs the pain you feel if you avoid getting it done.

How Can I Prevent Needing a Root Canal?

This comes back to and usually as with all dental issues, to practice excellent oral hygiene. In order to prevent tooth decay, be sure to properly brush, floss, and use mouthwash regularly. Put some emphasis on brushing after meals. This habit ensures that no food gets stuck between your teeth, making your chances greater for tooth decay and cavities.

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