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How Can Dental Insurance Help Me?

Let’s face it: Maintaining your oral health and wellness can be very costly! It’s not surprising, then, that nearly 56 percent of Americans skip their routine visits. Unfortunately, failing to schedule your biannual check-ups often leads to even more costly visits down the road. Dental insurance is a more cost-efficient way to receive the dental treatments you need for a healthy smile. We understand, however, that insurance can be confusing. With all the different plans, you may find yourself asking questions like: 

What exactly does dental insurance cover?

Which plan do I need?

What if I have a dental emergency? Will my insurance help? 

Well, we’re here to help! In today’s blog post, we highlight what you need to know about dental insurance. 

What Does Dental Insurance Cover?

Every policy differs in levels of coverage. Insurance does not cover most cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening and shaping. Typical dental plans usually cover some or all of the following categories of care:

  • Routine visits: Your biannual checkups, cleanings, X-rays, gum care, and certain types of oral surgeries are usually included in your insurance plan. 
  • Emergency care: Your dental insurance will usually cover dental emergencies, such as cracked, chipped, or missing teeth. 
  • Complex dental issues: Around 50 percent of complex care is covered by insurance. This category includes orthodontic needs, dentures, and bridges.  

Types of Dental Insurance Plans

Now, let’s take a closer look at four different types of dental insurance plans.

  • Dental PPO: As the most common type of dental insurance, a Dental PPO is a plan that a network of dentists use to offer their services at a set rate. These plans usually have an annual deductible. Typically, you can also see an out-of-network dentist if you have a PPO.
  • Dental HMO: With a Dental HMO, there is no deductible. You choose a dentist from a list of networks, which tend to be smaller and more local. While the HMO usually fully covers your preventative care (just like a PPO), non-preventative dental work comes at a set fee. 
  • Dental Indemnity: Often referred to as “Fee-For-Service,” this plan offers the highest level of flexibility. There is no network in Dental Indemnity plans, and you receive reimbursement for a portion of procedures done by the dentist of your choosing. 
  • In-House Insurance: This type of insurance is offered at many practices. It is a great option if you already have a dentist you know and love. In-house plans include packages with discounted services throughout the year and many other perks that you might not find with traditional dental insurance. 

Maitland Ave Smile Co.’s In-House Dental Plan

Here at Maitland Ave Smile Co., we designed a Membership Plan to ensure that our patients are receiving greater access to quality and affordable dental care. With our plan, you can enjoy benefits like discounted dental services, no yearly minimums or deductibles, and no claims to submit. It includes a plethora of routine and preventative services at a discounted rate as well as 10 percent off other services, like restorations, Invisalign, and cosmetic procedures. 


Visit our payment and dental insurance page to learn more about our Membership Plan. 

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