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How Invisalign Improves Your Smile

If you’re interested in improving your smile but don’t want the appearance or maintenance of traditional braces, Invisalign may be perfect for you! It is a set of clear, hard-soft plastic aligners that works by gradually shifting your teeth to create a happy and healthy smile. It’s low-maintenance and efficient, perfect for patients with mild to moderate dental issues who want an easy fix. It is also removable, making the aligners more convenient, comfortable, and easier to wear than traditional braces.

We use 3-D computer imaging to carefully capture your teeth and jaw to create a set of Invisalign aligners that are custom to you and your mouth. The patient receives multiple aligners, specific to their needs. Each set of aligners is usually worn for 2 weeks, staying properly placed in your mouth for 20 to 22 hours per day. After 2 weeks, you will change out your aligners for a new set, with each aligner getting closer and closer to your perfect smile! This process usually continues for 9 to 15 months. Your dentist will schedule periodic check-ups to ensure your teeth are moving correctly and to make any adjustments needed. 

The Benefits of Invisalign

The most commonly-known benefit of Invisalign is that it gradually fixes crooked teeth. However, it can actually treat a variety of dental issues, including gaps between the teeth, misaligned teeth, overbite and underbite, and overcrowded teeth. It can also be used as preventative care, as patients with crooked teeth are at a higher risk for tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and overall damage to the teeth. Straightening the teeth also aligns the jaw, which can reduce jaw discomfort.

Invisalign is more hygienic than traditional braces due to the fact that the aligners are removable. With traditional braces, bits of food get stuck within the brackets. The aligners, however, can easily be removed and cleaned. These bits of food can cause plaque to develop and lead to gum disease and even tooth decay. Additionally, Invisalign users must brush their teeth prior to placing the aligners in their mouth. This practice often improves their dental hygiene.

A Confidence Boost for 2022

In addition to healthy oral hygiene, Invisalign is an easy way to boost self-confidence without noticeable braces. Traditional braces, while practical, tend to be very noticeable due to the amount and size of the metal brackets. Most people gravitate towards Invisalign for their clear appearance and comfortability compared to traditional braces. The transparent aligners are discreet enough to go without notice as they work to straighten your teeth. 

The New Year is quickly approaching! Looking and feeling your best is always a great way to begin 2022. If being confident in your smile is among your New Year’s resolutions, visit Dr. Miller and Dr. Solberg at Maitland Ave. Smile Co. to determine if Invisalign is right for you. 


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