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Why it’s Essential to Replace Missing Teeth

Especially if you’re only missing one, you may not think that missing teeth are a big deal. However, it’s essential that you get them replaced. Having missing teeth can contribute to further oral health problems down the road. Drs. Clay Miller, Kirk Solberg, and Mark Williams discuss the importance of replacing missing teeth and why Maitland Ave Smile Co recommends dental implants in Altamonte Springs, FL.altamonte springs, florida dental implants

Why You Need to Replace Missing Teeth

Missing just one tooth can impact your smile in the long run. Missing teeth expose you more to other oral health issues. For instance, missing teeth contribute to bone loss in your jaw. It can slowly deteriorate and collapse, leading to facial sagging and a hollow look in your cheeks. The missing teeth, as well as the bone loss, can make you insecure and worried to show off your smile.

In addition to those impacts, you’re also more susceptible to tooth decay and losing more teeth. It can also lead to being more likely to developing gum disease. Since teeth are missing, your other teeth are going to shift to try to fill the gaps. This can lead to overcrowding or crooked teeth, leading to a need for orthodontic treatment as well.

Tooth Replacement Options

Maitland Ave Smile Co offers multiple options for tooth replacement. However, their recommended option is dental implants. They’re the gold standard and most natural form of tooth replacement. Implants are the only option that replaces the entire tooth structure, and not just the top of the tooth.

Since dental implants are actually placed in the jaw, they also stimulate bone growth. The jaw needs to grow to fuse around the implants, leading to you getting the fullness of your face back as well. They’re also durable and stable, more so than other options. Since they’re so stable because of the implant post, you have no dietary restrictions. You’re able to eat whatever you want and not worry about your implant breaking or falling out.

In addition, we offer dental bridges and dentures for tooth replacement. Both can also be supported by dental implants instead of your natural teeth or adhesive. Dental bridges can replace one or multiple consecutive teeth. While they can be supported by natural teeth, it can lead to extreme wear and tear on those teeth. With dental implants, they can be supported without damaging your natural teeth.

Dentures can replace an entire arch of missing teeth. With removable dentures, you have to use adhesive to attach them to your mouth. This can lead to irritation on the gums from rubbing, as well as dietary restrictions to make sure the dentures don’t fall out. They can be supported by a few implants, leading to stable dentures that don’t need to be removed and don’t rely on adhesive to make sure they stay in.

Tooth Replacement and Dental Implants in Altamonte Springs, Florida

At Maitland Ave Smile Co, we’re committed to keeping your mouth healthy and giving you the smile you’ve always wanted. If you need to replace your missing teeth, call us today or schedule an appointment online!