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Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Many patients express concern that dental x-rays are harmful, since they use radiation to capture interior images of your teeth and gum. In truth, this procedure uses extremely low doses of radiation and can help your dentist identify potential issues…


Dental Care During Pregnancy

It is commonly believed that professional dental care should be put on hold during pregnancy — but that’s not the case! In truth, it’s all the more important to care for your oral health when you’re expecting a little one. …


The Tools You’ll See in the Dentist Office

It’s no secret that many people experience dental anxiety - over 40 million Americans, in fact! This fear may lead you to skip the recommended twice-yearly visits to the dentist, which can cause more complex dental issues to develop. A…


Why You Should Floss Every Day

Flossing daily is essential to your oral health. It keeps your smile healthy and helps you avoid cavities and gum disease. Unfortunately, it is something that many people forgo during their dental routine, downplaying its importance. Today, we’re here to…


The Connection Between Diabetes and Oral Health

Diabetes is a very common illness in the United States, affecting about 1 in 10 Americans. It comes with a number of conditions and ailments to navigate, and it can wreak havoc on your oral health if it is not…


Best Treatments for Teeth Sensitivity

When you have sensitive teeth, seemingly simple, everyday activities – like eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth – can cause pain. Did you know that one in eight adults struggle with this problem? Fortunately, there are helpful options to keep…


The Anatomy of Your Teeth

Teeth play such an important role in our everyday life. We talk, eat, and drink using them. But how well do you really know this strong and vital part of your body?  Let’s go back to the basics and explore…


Should I Wear a Night Guard?

Do you ever wake up with headaches or jaw pain in the morning that seems unexplainable? You may be part of the eight percent of people who grind their teeth at night. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, most commonly occurs with…


TMJ Disorder: Symptoms and Treatment

Do you find yourself with a sore, uncomfortable jaw after chewing, speaking, or simply just resting? You might be experiencing a condition called temporomandibular joint disorder, also referred to as TMD. You may also hear it wrongly (but more commonly)…


How Smiling Improves Your Health

We all know that a friendly smile can go a long way and help brighten the days of others. But did you know that it can actually improve your own health too? In today’s blog post, we want to discuss…