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Why Choose Maitland Ave. Smile Co.?

Visiting the dentist sparks anxiety in many patients. However, this uneasiness can be mitigated when you find a dentist who is honest, open, and trustworthy. In today’s blog post, in an effort to alleviate that common fear, we share some tips to help you choose the best dentist for you and your family. We also introduce you to our team at Maitland Ave. Smile Co. in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

How to Choose a Dentist

The American Dental Association offers the following four steps to help you find the best dental fit for you and your family:

  1. Think about your lifestyle. Not only do you need a dentist with an office in a convenient location to your home, job, or school, but you also need one with flexible hours.
  2. Be diligent in your search. To start, if you have dental insurance, be sure to look at dentists in your network. You can ask for recommendations from family or friends or check advertisements and reviews online as well.
  3. Schedule a consultation. Before you commit to your first cleaning, you may want to schedule a time to meet your potential dentist. At this consultation, be prepared with questions. It’s also helpful to bring your records to ensure that they can address any new or longstanding issues you may have.
  4. Pick a partner. Look for a dentist who is understanding and knowledgeable. Your dentist will be a trusted advisor when future health issues occur, so it’s important to find someone who makes you feel comfortable.


What Maitland Ave. Smile Co. Can Offer Your Family

Your dental health plays a major role in your overall health, and at Maitland Ave Smile Co., we strive to bring the highest standard of care to our patients. Our dental associates offer state-of-the-art dental services, ranging from general dentistry, including emergency appointments and pediatric care, to cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. We pride ourselves on being able to meet each patient’s unique needs, focusing on their dental concerns and individual goals. We’re also committed to helping our patients learn how to properly care for their teeth and control the factors that contribute to dental disease.

Thanks to our hours at Maitland Ave. Smile Co., you can squeeze in an appointment before your workday begins or on your way home from the office. We open at 7 a.m. five days a week and see patients until 6 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Our up-to-date technology allows us to offer same-day dental restoration with a more conservative, less invasive approach. We serve patients living in Altamonte Springs as well as surrounding areas, including Orlando, Casselberry, Maitland, Winter Park, and Longwood.

Get to know the Maitland Ave. Smile Co. team:

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We always hope you leave our office with a smile!


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